Differential shimming

Shimming is an esential part of building a rc car, especial in competition. It adjusts how the differential fits into the differential case and that gears suit together perfectly as possible. Due to building and production of parts, the amount of shim discs could be different from each car. Please Note, the manual shows a amount of discs due to main quantity of cars. It could be that the amount of shims on your car is different to the manual. So always check that differential fits tight into the diff-box and the gears fit properly to each other!

2,4 GHz radio control system

The newest radio control technology. No channel overlap with automatic selection. Easy installation by small receivers with short antenna pipes. There is a reliable signal transmission.

EP (Electronic powered)

RC cars powered by electric components – electronic speed controller (ESC) & electric motor (brushed or brushless)

GP (Gas powered)

RC cars powered by nitro powered engine with special model fuel (not recommendable for beginners)

RTR (Ready-to-Run)

Complete assembled car. All electric components (Engine, ESC, receiver, steering servo, throttle/brake servo and the radio control) were built inside the car.

For electric RC cars you need a battery for the car and 8 AA alkaline batteries for the radio control.

For nitro RC cars you need nitro-methane fuel, 8 AA alkaline batteries for the radio control, 4 AA alkaline batteries for the receiver box, glow plug, glow plug starter, glow plug starter charger and a fuel bottle.

KIT (for self-assembling)

All parts to built the chassis are include.

The electronic components (motor, esc, servo, batteries, radio control and receiver) must be purchased separately.

Best way to get into this hobby!

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor has no brushes or other sliding contacts. This makes these motors more torque and achieve further a higher efficiency because the friction is absent. That means, the motor has power in abundance