MKS Servos – NEW soon in our range!


ABSIMA is proud to announce that we will be able to offer MKS Servos to our customers in the future.

MKS was founded in 1999 and specializes in research, design and development of RC model servos.

Some of the best drivers in the world like TY TESSMANN trust the quality and performance of MKS. “If you use these servos in your car, you can be sure that you will cross the finish line with great results”.

ABSIMA will initially offer 2 servos with full aluminum housing:

2030025 – MKS “HBL550” Competition Servo / Standard Size
2030026 – MKS “HBL550SL” Competition Servo / Low Profile

Both servos are currently under development and based on the current “HBL” series.

Available from: Autumn 2018


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